I coauthored "Little Robot, Big Dreams" with Jeremy Scheinberg, which follows our journey with TROBO from inception to Shark Tank.
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Welcome!  I'm Chris Harden.  

I am a Development Director with Electronic Arts (EA SPORTS) in Orlando, managing cross-functional teams in the release of this year's AAA title, NBA LIVE 18!

I am also a Co-founder of TROBO The Storytelling Robot, a connected plush toy that reads stories about science and math to children age 2-5 using iPhones and iPads.

Previously I was a Development Director II with EA SPORTS, managing Audio, Telemetry, IGNITE UI and mobile initiatives for the label. 

Up until Fall 2011, I was with BSQUARE out of Bellevue, WA focused on embedded uX and multi-platform solutions. 

Through September of 2006, I was a Project Engineer in one of the top equipment manufacturers for the Entertainment Industry - Alcorn McBride Inc

I have a degree in an Electrical Engineering from Auburn University (1998) and an Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Florida (2007). I have two years of Industrial Design (Product Design) education.

I have developed or managed software in many cutting edge products, such as:

I programmed, installed Audio/Video, Lighting, and Show Control equipment in several Alcorn McBride customer venues, such as:

  • TestTrack at Epcot Center in Disneyland 
  • Tooner Field at Turner Stadium in Atlanta
  • YBor City Cigar Museum in Tampa FL
  • Museum of Florida History

Resume: resume

Books review on Scrum, Agile, business, etc...

I spent some time in comics as an Inker, Penciller, and I published a graphic novel called "The Fro". I also created a research paper called The Financial Aspects of Comics Self-Publishing. I have excel templates for running comic book financial scenarios available upon request.