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Welcome!  I'm Chris Harden.  

I am the Vice President of Engineering with DiSTI, a leading provider of graphical user interface software and customized 3D training solutions. Our software products and professional services have pioneered the advancement of the user experience for Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Military, and clientele from around the world.

Before then, I was a Development Director with Electronic Arts (EA SPORTS) in Orlando, managing cross-functional teams in the release of theAAA title, NBA LIVE 18!

I also co-founded TROBO The Storytelling Robot, a connected plush toy that reads stories about science and math to children age 2-5 using iPhones and iPads.

Before that, I was a Development Director II with EA SPORTS, managing Audio, Telemetry, IGNITE UI and mobile initiatives for the label. 

Up until Fall 2011, I was with BSQUARE out of Bellevue, WA focused on embedded uX and multi-platform solutions. 

Through September of 2006, I was a Project Engineer in one of the top equipment manufacturers for the Entertainment Industry - Alcorn McBride Inc

I have a degree in an Electrical Engineering from Auburn University (1998) and an Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Florida (2007). I have two years of Industrial Design (Product Design) education.

I have developed or managed software in many cutting edge products, such as:

I programmed, installed Audio/Video, Lighting, and Show Control equipment in several Alcorn McBride customer venues, such as:

  • TestTrack at Epcot Center in Disneyland 
  • Tooner Field at Turner Stadium in Atlanta
  • YBor City Cigar Museum in Tampa FL
  • Museum of Florida History

Resume: resume

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I spent some time in comics as an Inker, Penciller, and I published a graphic novel called "The Fro". I also created a research paper called The Financial Aspects of Comics Self-Publishing. I have excel templates for running comic book financial scenarios available upon request.